How do I put rubber bands on my braces?

Rubber bands are the most common appliances used for orthodontic treatment! Braces rubber bands are tiny elastics that hook around bracket/brackets on the top dental arch and bracket/brackets on the bottom arch to correct jaw misalignments. These tiny appliances are used during braces treatment to correct overbites, underbites, midlines, crossbites and open bites. Rubber bands […]

Keeping Your Retainer Looking New and Lasting Longer

Once your braces are removed or you take out your Invisalign® clear aligners for the last time, does that mean your orthodontic treatment is over? Not quite! One of the most critical parts of your treatment process is yet to come. The retention phase begins the day your braces or Invisalign treatment ends, and it’s […]

The Type of Braces You Need is Unique to YOU!

Young Male Teen smiling at camera, and showing off his braces.

Everyone is different! That’s one of the beautiful things about life. Your hobbies, preferences, favorite foods—they’re unique to you. That’s why we offer a number of different types of braces. The best braces for you may not be the best braces for someone else; we get it! None of our patients live the exact same […]

Measuring the Cost of Invisalign and Braces

Happy patient holding her Invisalign retainers at the orthodontist practice.

When you think about braces costs or the cost of Invisalign®, there’s more to consider than the financial aspect! Every year, about 1.5 million people seek orthodontic treatment. Why is that? That’s because orthodontic treatment changes lives! Orthodontic treatment improves your self-esteem, your bite functionality, your breathing ability, sleep quality—and so much more. The benefits […]

Dental X-rays: The Inside Story

We’re all friends here, so if you sometimes feel a bit nervous before your orthodontic appointments, no judging! Ask us about any worries you might have. We are happy to explain procedures, equipment, and your orthodontic options so you know exactly what is going on during treatment. And if X-rays are a concern, we can […]

When Does an Underbite Need Surgery?

When does an underbite need surgery? The short answer is: when Drs. Insoft and Hurst and our team recommend surgery as the best way to give you a healthy, functional bite. But let’s take a longer look, and see just why your doctors might come to that conclusion. First, what exactly is an underbite? In […]

Spacing Out

One of the most common reasons for getting braces is because there’s just not enough room for all your teeth to fit next to each other evenly. The result is overlapping and crooked teeth. What’s the first step in creating the space you need? Well, that depends on just how much room you need to […]

I Have Gum Disease. Can I Still Get Braces?

Gum disease is one of our most common dental diseases, affecting both children and adults. If you are considering getting braces or aligners, make sure your gums are their healthiest before beginning orthodontic treatment. Gingivitis For both younger and older patients, gingivitis (mild gum disease) can be the result of poor brushing and flossing habits. […]

Tooth Extraction and Braces

Perhaps you’ve heard from parents or older relatives what braces used to be like years ago—obvious, uncomfortable, hard to clean, and with inevitable tooth extractions to start off the whole lengthy process. Today, brackets are much smaller and wires are more pliable. You can even choose ceramic brackets or clear aligners for an almost invisible […]

Planning Your Vegetarian Diet with Your Oral Health in Mind

If you’ve been following a vegetarian or vegan diet, you know that there’s much more to living a healthy life than simply avoiding meat products. Making sure your diet includes enough protein, as well as any nutrients that are primarily available in animal products, takes planning, and there’s no one-menu-fits-all solution. Why? Because there’s no […]