Ryan and a patient in the office talking to one another. And the patient is holding a mirror to see her braces.

Happy Mother’s Day

We are so excited to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend! In anticipation of this special day, we’ll be giving all of the moms in our office a flower because they deserve it. We are in awe of all of the selfless, caring, loving, nurturing, and guiding mothers out there who work hard year round. They are everything to us!

For this month’s blog, we asked some of our team members to answer a few questions about their moms in honor of this sweet holiday.

What’s a fun memory you have with your mom?

Brandi– We just watch our favorite TV shows together.  We also like to get a big jar of jelly beans and try to guess the flavors.

Candice- My mom used to drive me to school in her pajamas and we would always see a Pepsi delivery truck out at the same time as us.  Anytime we see one now, we scream out Pepsi Man!

Kasia- She wrapped our gifts in Toilet Paper!

Jen- Me and my brother were trying to make breakfast for mom.  A jelly jar fell and sliced open my brother’s foot so we spent Mother’s Day in the ER one year!

How do you typically celebrate Mother’s Day with your family?

Christina- With a relaxing Spa Day!

Brandi- We have a cookout with our family and bring flowers for mom.

Iris- I love baking my mom a cake.

Natalie- I bring my mom flowers, a card, and go to lunch with her.

What’s the best piece of advice your mom has ever given you?

Jen- Don’t care about what others think of you.

Iris- You are stronger than you think.

Natalie- Be yourself.

Becky- Dream big.

Mothers are the rock of our families and as we all tend to realize as we get older, they are always right. We encourage you to acknowledge their selflessness every day, not just once a year. We hope you get to spoil the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day!

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