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What does it mean to “bring your smile to life”?

At Insoft & Hurst Orthodontics, our orthodontists do more than just straighten your teeth. Our entire team is dedicated to bringing your smile to life! What does that mean exactly?

Well we understand that your smile is more than just the perfect balance of straight teeth and healthy gums. Your smile is your expression of confidence, warmth, and joy to the rest of the world. If you’re not happy with it, it can’t shine to its full potential.

Here’s how we use orthodontics to help you breathe life back into your smile!

Confidence makes your smile radiant!

When you’re 100% happy with your smile, it shows! You won’t hide your smile behind your hand, you’ll flash a genuine smile that shines all the way to your eyes. In fact, psychologists call this type of smile “the Duchenne smile” which showcases true joy. Actors work hard for years to perfect this type of smile, and you can achieve it too with the help of braces or Invisalign® treatment and a genuine moment of joy. Because when your teeth are in healthy alignment, your self-confidence increases and so does the brilliance of your smile!

A healthy smile is a lively smile!

When Dr. Insoft and Dr. Hurst bring your smile to life, it goes beyond aesthetics too. Beyond the science formula of the most visually-pleasing balance of teeth and gums, your smile is also changing at a fundamental level. Your strong, healthy tooth roots will gently move through your jaws into their final proper space. Teeth in healthy alignment are easy to brush and floss between, reducing your risk of developing cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. When your jaws are in healthy alignment as well, you’ll see less wear and tear on your teeth too!

Orthodontic treatment can be life-changing!

Orthodontic treatment can also improve more than just your oral health too. Braces and Invisalign are used to correct many different common orthodontic conditions that can be responsible for chewing, speaking, or breathing difficulties. If your smile health would benefit from corrective jaw surgery or TMJ-D treatment, our orthodontists can make a referral to a certified professional for you and work with them in your treatment plan. Some milder forms of jaw misalignments and TMJ pain can be corrected using orthodontic treatment alone – giving you a greater quality of life at the end of your treatment.

We support your smile journey!

When we help bring your smile to life, we’re not just talking braces adjustments and Invisalign tray checks. Our Insoft & Hurst Ortho Team is here for you – every step of the way! We’ll check in with you at each appointment to see how you’re feeling about your smile transformation, how your oral hygiene routine is going (and give you some tips if you want), and share tricks on adjusting to your life with braces or Invisalign. If you have any questions that pop up before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our Insoft & Hurst Ortho Team can talk you through orthodontic emergency situations or give you resources on fixing bouncy Invisalign trays or where to find aligner chewies.

Still have questions about the transformative power of orthodontics?

As you continue along your smile journey with us, you’ll gain first-hand experience of our comfortable and transformative smile process that will leave you saying “WOW”! Our Insoft & Hurst Ortho Team would love to help you live your best quality of life, through the transformative power of orthodontics.

If you’re looking for a top orthodontist in St. Petersburg or Seminole, come meet us! You can also get started with a convenient virtual consultation from home.

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